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La Gaipa Food Industry Cuor di Pizza, is located in Agrigento in Via Unità d'Italia 40/B.


To contact the Gaipa, dairy food production facility in Agrigento , for information or assistance, please call 0922 602446 or 0922 602626, or send a fax to 0922 613 166.


Alternatively you can write an e-mail to INFO@CUORDIPIZZA.COM or fill in every field of the form below, and a staff member at Agrigento dairy production facility will respond as soon as possible..

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CUOR DI PIZZA SRL, Via Unità D'Italia, 40/B- 92100 Agrigento (AG) | P.I. 02268610843| Tel. 0922 602446 - Tel. 0922 602626 | Fax. 0922 613166 | Email:  | Informazioni legali | Privacy Policy e Cookie policy

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